Oct 1, 2009

Pohay with vegetables, marinated and roasted tofu

Pohay : [pohay is flattened/beaten white/brown rice]. Peas, boiled sweet potato(potato), Onions, green coriander leaves and spices makes it fragrant and mild flavored kids all time favorite.
Tofu : Roasted on pan with soy ginger flavored marinade. Ruta loves this tofu and gives it 10 thumbs up (that means best). She learned it after reading two thumbs up on movie DVD cover.


  1. Hi Ashwini

    I want to try this tofu recipe, where do you buy this soy ginger marinade?

    thanks for all the creative recipes

  2. Thanks! I made this one at home. here is the recipe - rice vinegar + sugar + soy sauce + ginger paste + sesame oil + canola oil +sesame seeds + salt pepper...whisk it together. Let the tofu marinate for an hour or so and pour it with tofu on the pan to cook...without lid.


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