Oct 28, 2009

Vegetarian Sushi, hummus with breadsticks, toothpick fruit kabobs

Roo wanted to eat sushi. She is very picky with the strong smells - Raw fish...nope, seaweed...nope. We make it this way. She loved it. Its easy to make and eat in the lunchbox.
Vegetarian Sushi : I make rice (any rice for pressure cooker cooking) with rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar added while cooking. By using parchment paper or cling wrap I mold it thick (it doesn't have nori/seaweed) so it will hold nicely. To this sushi I added grated carrots, strawberries, apple pieces, celery (all Roo's favorite things). wraped it...(phew...) refrigerate it for few hours. I cut it with sharp knife wiping it with damp cloth for every cut.
The rice made this way already has sweet-sour taste...It doesn't need any special sauce to dip. Just pick and eat.
Hummus with breadsticks .
with toothpick fruit kabobs : This is very exciting for kids. Roo wanted to make more during lunch by herself.

When I asked how was your lunch Roo told me - Fruit kabobs was the best part of lunch. Some hummus, 3 breadsticks and some crumbled rice came back in lunch :)

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  1. Good one - I also like the vegetarian sushi we get in Bldg 43 cafeteria. Try it.


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