Oct 29, 2009

Pizza (whole wheat flour ) with vegetables, jicama carrots celery sticks, Grapes

Pizza : 3 cups of whole wheat flour (not atta), 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon yeast, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 cup warm water. Mix yeast in water and wait for few minutes. Make dough.

{To make it easy in the evening I roll the dough thick in the morning into smaller circles (size of personal pizza) rub lots of oil on it and wrap in the aluminium foil and then keep in the warm place - It will make spongy pizza}

Keep the dough for rising in warm place [Turn the oven light on and keep for 6-8 hours]. This is what I did - In the morning before going to work I used to make the dough and keep it in the oven, when you come back home dough is ready for dinner pizza. heat the oven to 350. Roll the dough on aluminium foil and put your favorite toppings [take your kids help] and bake pizzas. Put some veggie sauce: For the pizza sauce chop, cook and blend the vegetables in blender. I used tomatoes, beetroot, some carrots, squash, rutabaga, spinach, sugar, salt, one garlic clove, dry basil.

Roo's favorite toppings are pineaple, mushroom and broccoli. Or use the readymade pizza/pasta sauce.
This homemade smiley pizza is made by Roo. She had fun making it and the excitement of making pizza ...oooohs ...aaaahhhs and never ending "Is it done yet?".
Jicama, Celery, Carrots with buttermilk ranch dressing : Jicama is crispy and sweet tasting root...Kids like it. And some Grapes.

I use Whole wheat floor for baking from any supermarket [not atta]. Here I used organic fine whole wheat flour from PCC natural markets. Trader joes has a good flour to start with untill kids get used to the dark color whole wheat flour. It is whole wheat flour made of light colored wheat grains.

Roo finished everything from this lunchbox except few carrot pieces.

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