Oct 27, 2009

Spinach tortilla wrap (roll) with beans, veggies, cheese, Persimmon bites

Spinach Tortilla Wrap : wash, cut, cook spinach just a little bit with little water and blend it in blender. I added some Swiss chard, one chopped garlic clove and salt while cooking. In this blended mixture I add fine whole wheat flour (atta) and make dough. I make phulake (roti/tortilla) and put some olive oil dots on it and rub it (it keeps tortilla soft).
I added grated carrots, chopped lettuce, cooked garbanzo beans, little onion, any cheese (feta, Parmesan), any salad dressing (buttermilk ranch/ balsamic vinaigrette). I try to add the dressing in between layers of veggies to avoid tortilla getting soggy. Wrap it with cling wrap. For kids its easy to eat peeling wrap like banana.
Persimmon fruit bites - this is eaten like apple, has different sweet flavor. I take its skin off for Roo.
Roo ate 1 and 1/2 roll and few persimmon pieces. Thats thumbs up

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