Oct 16, 2009

Beetroot tortilla with pineapple jam, sprouted moth beans, jackfruit

Beetroot tortilla with pineapple jam : Beetroot gives a magnificent color. I cooked beetroot for few minutes with little water and made paste in the blender. Added whole wheat flour to the paste and made Phulake (Tortilla/Roti). Put some olive oil to keep it soft and cut the circular edges (can be hard to chew). I made Roll first by spreading some almond butter (just a layer so tortilla will not be soggy) and then layer of thick Pineapple jam.
pineapple jam : This homemade jam is easy to make - I grated big whole pieces of pineapple from food processor, added some sugar and let it boil and thickened. Refrigerate and use for few weeks...It is so tasty it won't last for long.
sprouted Moth beans (Matki) : These are tasty beans. Roo loves to snack on them. [may be because She sees me eating the plain sprouted ones...Children learn what they live.]
and Jackfruit (Phanas) : Its a very flavorful fruit real yummy treat to your senses. It tastes like fruit cocktail - flavors of Pineapple+strawberry+peach fused together.

I like berry jams on bread and Pineapple/mango jams on tortilla. To my taste berry jams don't go well with poli/roti/paratha.

Roo ate 1 roll, all sprouted beans(matki) and strawberry. She didn't eat Jackfruit...she said now she doesn't like it.


  1. hmm.. So the new food processor is put to good use already :)
    Is matki same as moong?

  2. Matki is light brown colored...moth beans. Its so easy to grate using food processor.


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