Oct 5, 2009

Quesadilla with vegetables, cucumber sticks and fruits

Quesadilla : 1 cup whole wheat flour + 2/4 cup Nachani flour [Ragi/Millet has a very high protein content for a grain] + pinch of salt. I used milk to make dough. Make Rotis [tortillas] and cook them less from one side which will be the outer side of quesadilla. I used spinach, sliced mushrooms, grated carrots, grated red and orange bell peppers and little cheese as a binder. I cut the edges and snack on them. This is my personal favorite dish.
cucumber sticks, strawberries and grapes on the side.

Ruta is learning to trick us by saying opposite things...maybe its a 6 yr old thing. I asked her how was your lunch today and she said "I didn't like it (with a pause and naughty look)...I Loved it ... I finished it all except the cucumbers". She doesn't like certain vegetables...I guess everybody is a picky eater in their own way.


  1. Hey Ashwini,
    I didn't understand the Nachani flour terms, what is ragi and Millet? May be I should get some from you :)


  2. In any Indian store you should be able to get it. It is Ragi flour.

  3. Had it been my son he would have just had that ketchup alone? He has been taking Bread with nutella for the past 4 months and may be nuggets along .I trie idly he would brin git bacj.Otherwise noodles with no vegetables.


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