Sep 30, 2009

Pancake puffs with grated vegetables, peach bites

Pancake Puffs : I used multi-grain pancake mix and light flavored vegetables like carrots (lots of), sunchokes[kind of a root and has very light and nutty flavor like sunflower seeds], little sweet potato etc. In a hot appam pan (pancake puff pan) with little oil/butter add spoonful of batter. Cook puffs from both sides by turning over.

Eating different kinds of puffs is fun. Here I made 3 kinds of puffs for this lunchbox - M&M, cheese and pasta sauce, strawberry jam.

and some Peach bites in a small bowl covered with cling wrap.

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  1. I am going to get that appam tava (we call it "paddu" in kannada) from India and try this one. Very nice picture and very nice idea, Awesome Ashwini!


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