Oct 15, 2009

Indian style Pasta with spinach, Tofu with sambar masala

Today photo didn't come out so well. I turned off the flash and trusted way too much on our bright/cloudy Seattle weather. Morning time is such a rush time.
I took Chakolya for lunch to work. My american co-worker loved the smell of it coming out of the microwave...so I offered it...When I was explaining the recipe she said its pasta ...Indian style pasta!
Indian style pasta : Chakolya (Dal Dhokli/Varan phal)with spinach : It is made from Tur dal (lentils curry sauce) with fresh pasta made from whole wheat dough. To its regular recipe I added little chopped spinach to the Varan (Lentils curry sauce). For the dough I mixed whole wheat flour + Nachani flour (Ragi/millet flour) + besan (garbanzo beans flour) + salt + turmeric with some milk and water. Roll the dough and cut into small thin square shaped fresh pasta. Let it cook for 15 minutes.
Sambar masala Tofu : dry roast the tofu and sprinkle with some salt + sambar powder + lemon juice...this is my personal favorite. Roo likes it too.

I gave it in hot lunch box (inside is stainless steel) so it will be warm for lunch. Roo loves it very much.

She ate all the tofu and 3/4 of Chakolya.

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