Oct 20, 2009

Nutritious Thalipeeth with mango chutney, Orange bites

Nutritious Thalipeeth : It is a very popular Food from West part of India (Maharashtra). It is made from a special flour - Bhajani - which is a blend of roasted grains and variety of beans with some spices.
In my recipe I mix -
Flours : Jawar flour, bajri flour, ragi flour [variety of millets], buckwheat flour, besan (garbano beans/chickpea flour).
Beans : I switched the roasted beans in flour (bhajani) to soaked sprouted and blended version. Blend in blender soaked and sprouted whole moog, masoor (beans) [I like some beans taste in it so I didn't make it like paste]. You can roast beans and cook them before adding OR leftover beans/dal r great addition too.
Vegetables : Finely chopped onion, spinach, Methi [fenugreek leaves], grated cauliflower, grated carrots, grated bellpepper, corriander (cilantro).
Salt, red chili powder and any spice blend (masala)
all of the above to make a dough. If needed I add little water. I pat the dough to 3mm thickness (pancake) on the nonstick pan with little oil. Let it cook both sides by covering the lid.
Mango chutney : Blend in a blender mango pieces, grated onion, salt , sugar, red chili powder and lemon juice.
with some Orange bite size pieces.
I cut Thalipeet in to fun shaped bites. I also added the remaining thalipeet pieces - which make fantastic imaginary shapes for kids to figure out.

Roo ate untill the mango chutney finished...all imaginary shapes, fishes, birds were gone...that would be more than 1/2 and 4-5 orange bites.


  1. Good you reminded - will get bhajni frm india

  2. Its food again! and take note its nutritious wow! However it would be a smart decision if you'll use stainless steel container for your meal because its more safe and has no spill of liquid when you try to pack your meal with a little soup. That would be really healthful and enjoyable meal pack. =)


  3. You can use my recipe that replaces bhajani...that way you control the ingredients(flours and beans). differnt ingredients and its proportion changes its taste...


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