Oct 12, 2009

Spaghetti with veggie sauce, roasted whole Chana

2 yrs back, when I was making spaghetti with tomato sauce (store bought)...Roo [my 6 yr old] was in preschool that time. She told me -Tomato is not a vegetable...its a fruit. Something that she learned in her school. This is her very favorite dish so I had to modify this fruit sauce... That's how I came up with recipe of veggie sauce.

Spaghetti (whole wheat) pasta with veggie+tomato sauce : cook the pasta and mix it with veggie sauce. I added broccoli florets and sliced mushrooms. Sprinkle some cheese. You can add store bought pasta sauce + veggie sauce to it.

Visible vegetables : you can see these and are your kids favorite. here I added mushrooms and broccoli (my kids fav ones). I have seen kids love cauliflower, peas etc.
Invisible vegetables in veggie sauce: You can't see them. They are in the sauce. Cut, cook and blend in a blender all the vegetables - tomatoes (more qty), beetroot, spinach, pumpkin (lal bhopala), basil (tulsi leaves) [Don't be a greedy mommy...try little vegetables and more tomatoes for the first time].

Kala chana (belongs to the Garbanzo beans family) : Soak beans overnight. Let them sprout for few hours. On a nonstick pan add little oil and roast the beans. Add Salt + Pepper + Spices (any masala) as per your taste.
This is a yummy snack... Make it for the family movie night than the packaged popcorn.

Roo ate 3/4 of spagetti and all the beans from this lunch box. Her classmates loved its color and one said It must be from the restaurant...[why facination of outside food???]

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