Apr 29, 2010

toasty Sandwich, Sheera, sugar snap peas and fruits

Sandwich made using sandwich maker : Sandwich maker makes warm toasty sandwich. The edges of the bread gets sealed nicely making easy to eat for kids.
Filling : Can vary according to kids choice. I filled it with mixed dry vegetables bhaji(sabji)

Sheera with cashews and keshar (Saffron) : sooji halwa. yummy sweet.
Sugar snap peas (peapods). Apple and apple-pear slices.


Bhel with vegetables and sprouted beans : This is the best picnic food. Roo loves it in her lunch box.
Puffed rice is mixed together to eat with -
boiled potato, soaked and sprouted moong and moth (mataki) beans, grated carrots, finely cut cucumber (no seeds) and tomatoes, chopped onions and corriander. I added some peanuts, almonds and walnuts after taking picture and a spoon to eat.
farsan - (sweet and spicy blend of garbanzo bean flour noodles).
topped with sweet and saur (tangy) tamarind chutney (sauce) : soak tamarind overnight, blend it in mixer (blender), strain it and discard seeds and fibers. In a saucepan cook tamarind pulp with sugar (jaggery) and some salt. cook it for 10-15 minutes. I make 4-5 jars of this sauce at a time and keep in the fridge.