Oct 30, 2009

Moong dal pancake (uttapa) with chutney, Pomegranate seeds

Moong Dal Pancake (spiced lentil pancakes) : Soak 1 cup of Moong dal overnight. make paste of 1 cm ginger piece, 1 green chili and corriander leaves(cilantro). In blender with some water blend everything so that dal is just crushed (not paste). In the batter I added grated carrots, grated acorn squash, grated turnip, some chopped spinach. On a nonstick pan with little oil make pancakes (uttapa).
With Chutney : Blend in blender mint leaves + roasted split gram dal + walnuts + yogurt + sugar+ salt.
Today is the most awaited day of the year - Halloween, so I cut it and decorated it as Smiley Pumpkin.
and some Pomegranate seeds : Roo likes to play fireworks in the mouth with seeds - hold the seed like pinch and press in the mouth closed. It splashes the pomegranate juice. Its a fun game.

Roo was dressed up as Sakagawea. The whole school celebrated dressing up as a historic character. She chose to be Sakagawea - Native american lady helped Lewis and Clark explorers.
Dressing up and halloween activities in the class or big pancake...Roo didn't eat much... she ate just half of pancake and thats it...even pomegranate seeds were untouched.

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  1. Hey - Mira loved this:) I just made couple of changes- added sesame seeds (cause she likes that taste) and little bit nachani flour(because its so healthy I try to use it everwhere:))
    and she cut them in star and heart shapes which was so much fun!!Thx Ashwini.


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