Oct 19, 2009

Steamed veggie dumplings, Raspberries, brazil nuts

Vegetable stuffing : I used following vegetables - thick grated carrots and cabbage, little chopped spinach, some chopped green string beans, finely chopped Chauli string beans[ long thin black eyed string beans available in Indian stores], chopped lima beans with Rice vinegar+ sesame oil + soy sauce + sugar + salt and some chili oil. I cooked it for few minutes keeping the vegetables crisp so that it will taste like vegetables in Chinese spring rolls.
Steamed veggie dumplings : Chinese potsticker dumplings are usually made from rice flour /all purpose flour (maida) dough. I used 1 as to 1 ratio of whole wheat flour + nachani flour (ragi/millet). Also added some soy flour and milk to make the dough. I made small thin flat tortillas (roti) then stuffed the stuffing and closed the edges. I cooked these potsticker dumplings by Steaming for 8-10 minutes.
with Dipping Sauce, some Raspberries and 3 raw Brazil nuts. These nuts have high amounts of antioxidents and high calories. Eating variety of nuts in moderation can give you array of heart healthy compounds.

Roo helped me make the dipping sauce by mixing Ketchup and soy sauce. She ate one dumpling in the morning and as soon as she finished it - she said "NI HAO" thats Hi in chinese :)

One dumpling and 2 brazil nuts came back in the lunch box...everything else was all eaten :)

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