Oct 14, 2009

Upma bites with vegetables, grapes

Upma with vegetables : Dry roast Rava (Cream of wheat). I used very little oil for mustard seeds,curry leaves and onions to cook. I added additional vegetables and nuts to the original upma recipe. thinly grated - carrots, navalkol (kohlrabi), squash (bhopala). For the crunch I added walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, cashews. I also added soaked Urad dal and Moong dal (lentils).
Upma Bites : Pat hot upma in a plate to the desired bite thickness and cut checks pattern with knife. Let it cool and bite size pieces are ready for the lunchbox. Make fun shapes that your kid loves...I made butterflies, flowers and hearts for this lunchbox :)
and grapes, strawberries on the side.
This upma is very healthy and wholesome with addition of Dals, Nuts and Vegetables. Bite size makes it easy for kids to eat. Fun shapes creates the excitement for lunch.

Roo ate 1/2 of Upma and all the fruits. Roo liked the different nuts and sunflower seeds taste in upma.


  1. Somehow upma didnt work last week for Mira :( Perhaps I should try fun shapes!! phew...
    I like ur moong dal idea.

  2. I too, doubt about the taste...Shapes and all is ok, but it's the taste that counts basically...Upama with very little oil tastes Horribly dry and bland.

  3. Follow your kids instincts what she likes. You want them to be eating good in the school (away from you). just few ideas - Try making upma with milk/soymilk(calcium fortified) and some spice blend. If your kid has taste for yogurt you can add that...also Add olive oil while adding hot water...Cold healthy oil is not bad as heating the oil and frying vegetables...Hope it works for your kids lunch box. :)
    Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to both of you.


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