Oct 8, 2009

Idly sandwich, green tur beans and squash with oregano, strawberries

Idly Sandwich : Cut idly vertically making 2 circles. If you want good circles -take 2 idlies cut the sherical portion of each idly (will be inside of the sandwich). Fill the chutney (lots of) in between idly/idlies.
Chutney -I make this chutney thick and sweeter. In a blender mix mint leaves, Daal (raosted split gram), sugar, lemon juice, salt. (you can mix little yogurt).

Idly batter is made ahead of time. You can buy ready batter from any Indian store. Soak 3 cups of rice and 1 cup of Urad dal (Black lentils) plus any lentils can be mixed for few hours. Grind all in a blender (like pancake batter) and keep it in warm place for fermentation [Turn the light on of your conventional oven and keep it overnight. Thats how much warm it needs to ferment]. Refrigerate it and enjoy for a week.

Green tur(pigeon pea) beans and butternut squash with herbs : In little olive oil put some oregano(any herbs or little spices). Put small cut squash, beans, salt and cook them for 4-5 mins by covering it with lid.
I got tur(pigeon pea) beans from frozen section. Frozen beans are very easy to cook in the morning.
Butternut squash has this kid apealing mild and sweet taste. It cooks in few mins.
with some strawberries.
Variations : I tried jam in between idlies (idlies r slippery for jam) but didn't work in the lunchbox. Thick hummus(with flaxmeal) worked really good.
Roo ate 3 sandwiches, some beans and few squash bites and all strawberries. Thats good enough lunch for a first grader. It depends on the kid and day activities. kids also eat more during their growth-spike and less otherwise.


  1. Idly sandwich! great idea!

  2. great idea! why didn't I think of this :)


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