Nov 24, 2009

veggie masala burger, roasted sweet potato, kiwi and strawberry

Veggie masala burger with lettuce and whole wheat bread : I cut the bread slices in hexagon shape (its hard to cut in circle shape for me so hexagon!). honey mustard on one slice - ketchup, sweet pickles and finely chopped onion on the burger patty (ketchup on bread will be soggy). thick lettuce round cut and another hexagon slice... Burger ready :)
Sweet potato roasted (fries) : cut sweet potato in stripes. Sprinkle salt and pepper and roast it on the pan, Add few drops of oil. Let it cook from all sides. about 10-15 minutes. with kethup.
kiwi and strawberries.
Frozen section have vegetable masala burger patties or homemade ones are good too!
I sometimes include little love note in Roo's lunchbox...


  1. The idea of including little love note in a lunch box is nice. I will do it too.
    My daughter anyways says so ....but we here in Maharashtra feel it little awkward to say openly even with our kids....

    How did your burger remain intact?


  2. The lunchbox height and burger height keeps it intact. Good thing is Roo can hold it together with both hands while eating...I make it on busy evenings for dinner...quick and easy.


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