Nov 6, 2009

Tapioca (shabudana) Khichdi

Shabudana (Sago) (Tapioca) Khichdi : Most favorite all time favorite kids lunch box meal. It is very popular indian snack during fasting.

The 95 percent success of the dish is in soaking Sabudana. For 2 cups of sabudana (tapioca) I use 2 cups of water and soak it overnight. Boil roots - potato, sweet potato and yam(orange in color). 2 cups of some cubed and some mashed of the above roots. Salt, 1-2 tsp sugar, lemon juice, corriander leaves, cumin seeds, 1tbsp oil. 1 cup of crushed nuts (I use either chopper or mixer/food processor with pulse mode) not powder. I used raw almonds and dry roasted peanuts here.

roasted : most of the Roasted label for nuts is fried in oil. Raw nuts are the best(high in heart healthy nutrients). Dry roasted, no salt (or look for low sodium content) are good too.

In the hot oil add cumin seeds, green chili pieces(optional), mix everything else together with light hands and cook for few minutes.

nothing else on the side... :)

Roo ate everything from this lunchbox...It is her (anybody's) all time favorite.


  1. Here it is! Looks yummy! (Does Ratala etc taste good in it? We have not tried it.)


  2. Thanks Ashwini! Ratala tastes good...hope you will like it too :)


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