Nov 5, 2009

Sooji Appam (Rava Baby Idly), Fava (giant) Beans, Strawberries

Sooji (rava) Appam with grated carrots : Roo calls it baby Idly. It has been one of the best lunchbox items since her preschool. Quick and easy to make, yummy and easy to eat.

1 cup Sooji (rava), 1 cup yogurt (preferably sweet and thick), 3/4 cup water, salt - Soak it for 30 minuts. I mixed grated ginger in the above water, drained it and added the water. Kids may not like grated ginger in between. I added little bit of finey chopped onion and lots of grated carrots.
Carrots : Most of the times I start my cooking by grating carrots. They can be added and blend well in most of the sweet, sour, spicy dishes. Goldmines of nutrients, Immunity boosters for kids to fight everyday infections, high in Vit A and alpha-beta carotene etc etc.
Appam can be made in Pancake puffs pan and traditional appam pan. I gave it with Green Tomato Chutney for this lunchbox : Blend in blender (mixer) - finely chopped green tomato, coriander leaves(cilantro), mint leaves, 1 green chili (optional), walnuts, Roasted split gram dal (google/bing it for more info), yogurt, salt and sugar. Fava beans : These are the giant beans I have ever seen. My almost 1 year old loves to eat it. Soak and cook fava beans in pressure cooker with some salt. Just eat them or In some oil with garlic-ginger paste and some onions cook it a little.
I added few strawberries to this lunchbox.


  1. Great Job!!...btw did u get my message about the awards??

  2. hey! did u bake it? for how much temp n time?

  3. I made it in a pancake puffs pan/ Appam pan on the stove. Let the pan be warm then add a drop of oil in each semicircle...right away add spoonful of batter. Cover with lid. Turn the stove on to medium-high. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes...turn down the flame. Rava makes it sticky to turn at this point, so wait one minute after taking the lid off. With spoon turn it around and let it cook little more (optional). It's ready. Thanks,

  4. Where do you buy these huge Fave beans?

  5. I get Fava beans from the local persian store. but I have seen smaller version of these beans at safeway, uwajimaya and other grocery stores.


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