Nov 4, 2009

Vegetarian hot dog, grapes, berries

In preschool Roo had a school picnic day, her school teacher was making hot dogs(meat version) for all kids. I came up with this recipe and its Roo's favorite since.
Veggie hot dog : with multi grain bread slice (edges removed) and ketchup. Mix everything together - 1 boiled and mashed potato, 1 bread slice crumbs (make pieces and make fresh bread crumbs in blender/mixer), 2 cups of grated and finely chopped vegetables, salt and spices (any masala or red chili powder). I used carrots, cauliflower, yellow and red bell paper, swiss chard, methi (any greens), radish, coriander leaves (cilantro), chopped onions, grated ginger. On the pan roast vegetarian hot dog with little oil.
with grapes and berries.

Roo ate everything from this lunchbox :-)


  1. Very Good. Really good on you to try (and photograph and post) different recepies for her daba.
    Don't you try Sabbudana Khichadi etc? Those Americans who follow your blog would love it.

  2. Khichdi is so favorite. We all love it. I was going to make you go... November 6 post.


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