Sep 19, 2009

PBJ sandwich with grated carrots and fruits

Sandwich - PBJ (Peanut butter and Jam) on the honey whole wheat bread with thinly grated carrots sliced apples/banana/strawberries.

Cut into smaller triangles for easy eating. This is the way my kid way :)

Some small pieces of Orange.


  1. Love this healthy variation of PBJ sandwich:)

  2. This is indeed very good idea and I do the same way sometimes with my 2 years and for myself and make shapes from the cookie cutter and get surprised that she is happy to eat the snail,duck,bear shapes than normal rectangular sandwitch:).Why a 2 year old toddler excited to eat a bear...shape?

  3. Thats a great tip! Thanks Archna. I'll get some animal shape cookie cutters.


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