Sep 28, 2009

Dosa roll with vegetables, lima beans, grapes

Vegetables for stuffing: In a pan heat some olive oil. Add some cumin seeds, turmeric, very little masala (any spices), Add finely chopped onions with pinch of salt [helps onions cook with less oil] and stir it until cooked. Add cut and boiled potato, grated carrots, grated cauliflour, salt, sugar and coriander leaves(cilantro).

Dosa roll : The batter is made ahead of time. Soak 3 cups of rice and 1 cup of Urad dal (Black lentils) plus any lentils can be mixed for few hours. Grind all in a blender (like pancake batter) and keep it in warm place for fermentation. Refrigerate it and enjoy for a week.

In the batter add some salt and little warm water. On a hot pan make it like crepes. make it little thick so it will be easy to make roll. Roll it with vegetables. wrap it in a cling wrap.
Lima beans : Boil frozen lima beans in hot water with some salt.
And grapes.


  1. The dosa, doesn't it become soggy until the lunch time? That's the only reason I avoid Dosa in lunch box.

  2. I should have added my signature at the end of last comment. Here you go...

  3. Its a very good question. there is a trick that it will not be soggy. I make Dosa little thicker than usual. Make a roll without filling and keep it to cool(1-2 min). Then fill it and wrap it with cling wrap. Kids can eat it by peeling the wrap like a banana. If Dosa is too cold you will not be able to roll it properly. Give it a try...


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