Sep 22, 2009

Fun shaped spinach rava (sooji) (samolina) utappa bites with chutney, beans, fruit

Chutney : In a blender mix some yogurt, cilantro (coriander), mint leaves, tofu (any kind), [Dal (roasted split gram) - gives the crunch], sugar (a little more) and salt. you can add green chillies as per ur taste buds. This kind of chutney is usually made with coconut and peanuts. I switched it to Dal (roasted split gram) and little tofu.

Fun shaped bites : Soak rava (sooji) (Samolina) and little rice flour in yogurt and water. whisk it together until it looks like pancake batter. Let it soak for few minutes. [Soak it overnight for the next morning lunch]. before making add salt, chopped spinach, turmeric (for color - optional).

Use a nonstick pan with some oil and make it like uttapa or pancake - spread batter a little with spoon after pouring on the pan. Keep the size small at first. cover it for a minute. open and and wait for a minute before turning to the other side.

cut the fun shapes into bite size pieces...I use small cookie cutters.

Garbanzo Beans : cook with salt added in water in the pressure cooker for few minutes.
Peach bites.


  1. Hey Ashwini, I really liked the chutney recipe! can't wait to try it out! Will tell you once I try!

  2. Thanks Suma! give it a try...Once u make it this way you wouldn't go back to coconut version.

  3. Hey Ashwini,
    Chutney looks really yummy. When you say Dal, do you mean chana Dal? Can I instead use yellow moong or toor?

  4. Thanks Neetu :) not our regular dal...dry roasted healthy Snacking Dal. this is how it looks :

  5. Thanks Ashwini, This is roasted but still Chana Dal. I am getting some Ayurvedic treatment and chana dal isnt allowed in my diet. I will try roasting moong dal and add that. Will let you know how it turned :). Your recipes are excellent and can actually be published now!!!


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