Dec 7, 2009

Tofu makhani with poli (chapati)

Roo calls it orange bhaji (sabji/curry). Its her very favorite that nothing goes on the side.
Tofu makhani - Paneer makhani - In a pan heat a teaspoon oil. Add garlic, ginger, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, carrot cubes, peeled and cubed zuchini (if other vegetables like spinach added then add beet root to enhance color), some cooked canellini (white) beans . Let it all cook with some water and by covering with lid. blend it in blender (mixer). cut tofu/paneer into small bite size cubes.
In the pan heat a teaspoon oil/butter and add masala (I usually use Shahi paneer masala/ tandoori masala or paneer makhani). Add the tomato-onion gravy and tofu cubes; some salt and 1/2 teaspoon sugar for taste.
with Phulake (I used few drops of olive oil on top so they will stay soft).

TIP about buying Masala powders : If you are making Sambar...purchase Sambar masala made in south India...MTR, 777 are good brands. If you r making pav-bhaji... Mumbai brands like Everest. If you are making north indian dish like paneer makhani...then MDH brand.
I usually read the address where it is manufactured when buying.

I gave it in typical stacking tiffin which goes in the insulated box. It will be warm lunch.


  1. I like your adding vegetables to the gravy idea... will make it for my son.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog, I just wrote about who uninspired at blah my kids lunches are - thanks for some new ideas

  3. ur recipes are this tofu sabzi.. will surely share with my family...

  4. Roo and Daddy love it! :)


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