Dec 9, 2009

Mini uttapa and sabji sandwich, guava and grapes

Mini uttapa with vegetables : I used typical Idly batter to make mini uttapas. In the batter add finely grated ginger, finely chopped onions and lots of chopped corriander. On the nonstick pan add few drops of oil and spoonful of batter and then add carrot cubes and peas. let it cook by covering the lid. with Chutney : blend in the mixer (blender) - mint, corriander leaves ( I use chopped stems - its good fiber) , green chili, yogurt, walnuts, Daal (roasted garbano beans), flaxmeal (javas), salt, sugar.
Mini uttapa sabji sandwich : Typical potato sabji that is made with dosa. I added grated carrots, green peas, lemon juice, salt sugar to the boiled and chunky mashed potatoes. Sandwiched it with some ketchup in mini uttapas.
Gauva slices and grapes. I took off the seeds and peeled the gauva. Roo's taste buds haven't developed for guava yet.
Roo ate Uttapa burgers (thats what she called it) and grapes...All chutney untouched, all guava slices and other single uttapas came back.


  1. Just great .. keep up the good work...

  2. I love your idea of uttapa sabji sandwich...thats really cool....will definetely have to try it..

  3. I love this one. Looks so yummy and I am sure kids will love this.


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