Mar 22, 2010

Bread Upma, grapes, vegetables

Bread Upma : White bread cut into small pieces (cubes). Mix some lemon juice, salt and sugar with bread cubes.
Heat some oil for tempring (tadka) add cumin seeds, turmeric, grated ginger, finely chopped onion, pinch of salt. let it cook. add peanuts and bread cubes. Mix it all together and turn off the heat.
Brocolli (your kids favorite veggies) with dip.


  1. This was my fav - infact the first thing dish I ever cooked :) Brought back some fun memories :)

  2. I made it for my 4 year old son and he loved it. Thank you for the ideas. - Mrinali

  3. I love ur recipes :) Please collect ur award from my blog :)


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