Nov 29, 2010

Jawaar(Sorghum) Bhakri (Flatbread), Jaggery+Ghee, Chatni+oil

Jawaar bhaakri (Flatbread) with Jaggery+Ghee and Chatani+oil - This is my childhood favorite lunch and Roo's favorite too. After taking the picture I added more chatni to the oil.
Roo eats carrots when sliced thin. Carrots, Blanched broccolli, mandarin orange pieces on the side.
Jawaar (Sorghum) is high in carbohydrates and has sweet taste. Bhakri (flatbread) is made very differently than naan, roti's. Flour is mixed with water/milk, made flat with hands (no rolling pin). On the pan while roasting brush the top side with water. Let it roast until it holds the shape and then roast both sides on the fire (stove) flame. It will be puffy dome shaped flatbread.

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  1. arre hi shapes chi idea mast aahe. Hope Tanmay likes it. I will try this tomorrow!


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